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The Fine Art of Recycling

A few weeks ago, I hinted that I was working on a BIG project that involved lots of milk cartons.  Here's the full story:
National Grid, in partnership with the City of Providence and the Environmental Protection Agency, is proud to announce the 'Fine Art of Recycling' art exhibit, designed to encourage citizens to save energy and money by recycling their old refrigerators. Start practicing the fine art of savings today by recycling your old fridge. Then visit all eight decorated refrigerators in downtown Providence. Each refrigerator was given a new life using paint and creativity from local artists.
There are eight fridges total, transformed by local artists and on display around downtown Providence through October.  You can see all of the designs online, and download a walking map at the Saving is an Art Website. You can also vote for your favorite design, and enter to win an energy efficiency gift basket.  Visit the site to vote!

Here's my fridge!   

My sculpture is called "Windmill Whimsy."  Here's some of the thinking that went into my design:
I am a crafter/quilter and I enjoy transforming repurposed materials, vintage notions, and patterned fabric into decorative and beautiful art.  In this piece, instead of using new fabric, I collected colorful, recycled milk and juice cartons and used them as "fabric" - I cut them up and reassembled them into "quilt blocks" covering the fridge.  The quilt blocks are a traditional pattern - a windmill block - which reminds me of the possibilities for renewable energy.   

It's in a great spot - right next to the river downtown!  Stop by and say hi!  And don't forget to place your vote!


Quilts Around the Town

One of my goals for 2011 is to be in a quilt show.  This weekend, I participated in the Quilts Around the Town exhibition, a "celebration of quilts, quilting and quilters in the historic town of Chester, Vermont" aka my hometown!

When I arrived, there was a charter bus of white-haired ladies parked at the quiet Main Green in the center of town.  I can't believe that my interests have led me to be a part of this kind of gang!

The quilts were displayed in the town Historical Society, the local bank, the town inn, and all of the little store fronts along Main Street.

Here's a look at some of my favorites:

And there's my quilt, called Everything But the Kitchen Sink!

I stopped into the Rose Arbor Tea Room - tea for quilters was 15% off.  This pot of earl grey really hit the spot.

This is my life now, friends.  I'm a quilter!

Did you do anything crafty this weekend?



Crossing Currents: Feminism Now

I am so thrilled to be a part of this group exhibition, Crossing Currents: Feminism Now, featuring over 50 artists from Hera Gallery and the Hive Archive, two Rhode Island feminist art collectives.  I am showing some of my newest work - an improvised mini quilt.

I hope you can stop by to check it out, or join us for Gallery Night on the 17th!

Crossing Currents: Feminism Now 
March 1-31, 2011
URI Feinstein Providence Campus
80 Washington Street

Voices of Hope Concert
Wednesday, March 9 at 7pm

Gallery Night Reception 
Thursday, March 17 from 5-9pm

Film Screening
Friday, March 18 from 7-9pm



Opening Tomorrow!

It's time for the Annual New Urban Arts Artist Mentor Exhbition!

The Opening Reception is tomorrow, December 10th from 5-7pm, and I would LOVE to see you there.

This event features artwork by the 2010-11 artist mentors at New Urban Arts and formally introduces them to the wider community as the new cohort.

Artwork by:
Abel Hernandez
Alice Costas
Andrew Migliori
Andrew Oesch
Caitlin Cali
Carole Ann Penney
Dylan Block-Harley
Emmy Bright
Evan Monteiro
Jamie Fagant
Jamila Woods
Jess Fields
Jorge Vargas
Kedrin Frias
Kevin Gonsalves
Lois Harada
Maria DiFranco
Melissa Mendes
Morgan Fagant
Rob MacInnis
Sam Merritt
Victoria Ruiz
Christina Lawrence
Sophie Tintori
Jadrian Miles

Talk about being in amazing company!



Upcoming Fairs!

Mark your calendars to come check out Connect the Dots Crafts in person!
Myself and lots of other amazing local artists will be at these upcoming summer community events:

Saturday, June 12th 10:30am-6:00pm
Westminster Street

This was a blast last year! It was my first time ever selling my art publicly, and Adj and I are super excited to be showing again - we know so much more, and our styles and interests have developed and come a long way.

Bees in the Hive Sidewalk Sale
Saturday, June 19th 11am-3pm
Whole Foods Market - University Heights

To kick off National Pollinator Week, Whole Foods Market at University Heights is holding a storewide event to spread awareness of busy bees of all kinds – in the garden AND in the arts! In addition to raising money for the Honeybee Health Improvement Project at the checkout lines, Whole Foods has invited artists from The Hive Archive to join in the celebration by showcasing and selling their work in the “Bees in the Hive” sidewalk sale in front of the store. Not only will I be selling, it's also my first experience organizing an art sale. Come by and show your support for honeybees, artists, the Hive, and yours truly!

Indie Arts Fest
Saturday, July 31st 1pm-8pm
Kennedy Plaza/Burnside Park

The annual IndieArts Festival celebrates independently produced art, digital media,music, performance and locally-sourced goods and products. There will be music, performances, a mustache contest (!), and the Arts Exchange marketplace with lots of amazing handmade and locally designed artwork.

Stay tuned for invites to these events on facebook!

Oh, and as I write this post, I feel that I just need to say: I love Providence! It's good to be an artist in a city that has a thriving and supportive arts scene!

{ photo by photographer Erin Newell, one of my very creative friends! }

Anybody else have some Providence love to share? Leave a comment below!

Carole Ann


Goal #9

I've been chipping away at my 10 Things to Do in 2010, and this week I can mark off goal #9: Donate pieces to at least three fundraising initiatives.

I'm working towards launching a line of utility aprons (more on this soon!), and I've been tinkering with a few designs. My prototype pieces went to some causes that I feel very connected to.

The first went to New Urban Arts' Annual Campaign silent auction. Here's hoping that it fetched a good price to support an amazing arts/education organization!

I also donated an "art experience" - a custom apron design! I can't wait to find out who won this item, and what we'll be creating together!

Another set of aprons went to Providence Children's Museum's Annual Gala silent auction. This is a Mommy & child set - a grown up apron with pockets and do-dads perfect for gardening, craft materials, or household stuff...

...and a child apron perfect for art supplies!

{ fabric circle wreath }
I'm also contributing two pieces for display at the Arts & Business Council of Rhode Island's Encore Art Awards Celebration on April 30th. They'll be honoring individuals and businesses that provide outstanding support and dedication to the arts community here in Rhode Island.

{ Scrap color quilt - yay for being publicly displayed!}

Proceeds from the sales of the artwork will go to supporting their programs for arts organizations and individual artists. I'm super excited because they're also going to have "art experience" tables, and the Hive Archive will have a table with a great photo transfer project!

It's amazing to be attending an event were I'll be there as both an artist and the Program Director of an arts organization. My life is taking me in directions that I had no idea I had inside of me!

Carole Ann


Midyear Makings

A couple of weeks ago, New Urban Arts opened a show called Midyear Makings, showcasing student works in progress.

They sure know how to make it fun - they had a root beer float and hot chocolate bar!

Here's a beautiful bag and pin made my one of my students, Lehidy.

And Stephanie showed off some photos of the headband she created. I love the photo of the two of us together!

Our next project is Stuie the Steggie. I made a practice one, now for teaching others how to make a dino....

Carole Ann


Upcoming Exhibitions

I spent the weekend thinking about my self-portrait for the Hive's In Your Face show.

IN YOUR FACE! Call for self-portraits by women & girls
Throughout October-January The Hive will collect hundreds of self-portraits by women and girls. These portraits will be hung in a floor-to-ceiling installation, with a goal of representing and celebrating a diverse community of women working together as a whole. In Your Face will be on display at the Eco-Office at 28 Wolcott Street in Providence for a special one-night-only celebration on Gallery Night in January (Thursday, January 21, 2010 from 5-8pm).
In Your Face is an unjuried exhibition and is open to ALL women and girls. Your self-portrait will be due on January 15th, but please register yourself or your group by emailing

I've never had to create a self-portrait before. So I talked to Raz and Kedrin at New Urban Arts about how to go about it. The show requires that all pieces be 8.5" x 11" and vertical. At first I thought I'd do something using fabric, since that's the medium I usually work in. And I wanted to involve my hands. I took a photo of myself hand sewing and messed around with photoshop for a while.

Then I tried to translate it into fabric scraps.

But I don't think it really reads. Does it?

And then I was looking at this photo that I took while testing the camera, and I think I like it. This could be it - even though photography isn't my medium - it's got my favorite tool, my pincushion, some dots, and me, always thinking about sewing, but often getting pulled in another direction.

There's still time to sign up for the portrait show! And if you need some inspiration and you're in the Providence area, come to the Hive O'clock Happy Hour Workshop next Tuesday the 19th from 5:30-7:00 at Downcity Diner. The amazing Joanne Cotter is leading the workshop - we'll be using text to create self-portraits! $10 covers appetizers, the workshop, and great company.

Adj is busy getting ready for an exhibition at Firehouse 13 - she's got something amazing cooking with neckties and I haven't even seen it yet! Photos to come! Ehem, hear that Adj?

Carole Ann
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